The mHealth Compendium series, produced by the African Strategies for Health (ASH) project, has expanded the body of knowledge and increased access to the most current information on mobile technology solutions for health. Each volume links users to key tools and resources, and serves as a significant resource for mHealth information available in French and Portuguese. The sixth and final edition, mHealth Compendium Special Edition 2016: Reaching Scale, features in-depth profiles of ten programs that have grown in scale over time. Over 150 profiles have been featured in the six volumes of series. ASH compiled the profiles into an online database which allows users to search for programs based on key characteristics across a range of categories including health service area and application type (for example, behavior change communication, data collection, finance, logistics, and service delivery). 

ASH was a five-year project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Bureau for Africa and implemented by Management Sciences for Health (MSH). From 2011-2016, ASH worked to improve the health status of populations across Africa through identifying and advocating for best practices, enhancing technical capacity, and engaging African regional institutions to address health issues in a sustainable manner. ASH provided​ information on trends and developments on the continent, included in mobile and digital technologies, to USAID and other development partners to enhance decision-making regarding investments in health. 

As ASH closes, we are happy to transfer the mHealth Compendium Database to K4Health’s management on, the primary repository of mHealth and global digital health resources. We are excited to see the mHealth Compendium series continue to be available to the digital health community. Additional ASH resources remain available on the MSH project site. 


Sherri Haas

Technical Advisor, Digital Health & Health Economics

Management Sciences for Health (MSH)