A simple truth: one of the best ways to ensure that your product meets the needs of your clients is to talk to them! As part of our audience engagement strategy for the K4Health mHealth portfolio, we have been focusing on reaching out to users of our mHealth tools and products, beginning with The mHealth Planning Guide. Our goal is to accurately understand the needs of mHealth practitioners in the field so that we can strengthen existing tools and create new resources to support those working in mHealth around the world. We also hope that by sharing examples of how the K4Health mHealth tools are being used, we can encourage and inspire others to give them a try.


This month, we are excited to share with you two use-case studies that illustrate different ways in which the mHealth Planning Guide can be used. Khemraj Shresthaa behavior change communication (BCC) advisor for the Health for Life (H4L) Project in Nepal, used the Guide to organize and coordinate stakeholders, to identify key opportunities and challenges in the Nepalese landscape related to mHealth, and ultimately to design an mHealth intervention to reach young people with essential family planning and reproductive health information.


Marianna Hensley, Regional Technical Advisor for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Accountability, and Learning for Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in India, uses the Guide quite differently. Instead of applying it to a particular mHealth intervention, Marianna shares the Guide with CRS staff in the region and uses it as a key resource in mHealth-related orientations and trainings. 

If you haven’t yet accessed the mHealth Planning Guide, we hope that you will, and we would love your feedback. The same goes for the mHealth Basics eLearning Course and mHealth Evidence.  And stay tuned for a future feature on mHealth Knowledge, “Voices from the Field,” where we will feature the experiences of mHealth practitioners around the world.